Best Instagram Accounts For Men or 9 Not So Obvious Instagram Accounts To Follow In 2017

Best Instagram Accounts For Men or 9 Not So Obvious Instagram Accounts To Follow In 2017

Instagram is a good venue for sharing moments and art. It caters various trends which influence people in general. A big chunk of it involves fashion, because people always want to be in the loop for something fresh and exciting. Looking in to other accounts make us see a glimpse of their world, and how amazing they are.

Here are some Instagram accounts that you must visit for inspiration and entertainment:

1. moritzgastl

Who : Good-looking guy who travels a lot
What : Himself, beautiful places, events
Why : His life is fab

2. marlonstockinger


Who : Filipino swiss racing driver
What : Cars, race track, beaches, himself
Why : Of course, you need a sexy racer once in a while

3. bjpascual


Who : Celebrity photographer
What : Various celebs, his fashion, magazine shoot bts
Why : You will love how he captures photos of celebs and himself, because he has a good sense of fashion

4. stefanotratto


Who : Italian fashion blogger
What : Food, clothes, shoes, selfies
Why : He can be your ootd inspiration

5. raemonalba


Who : Model fitspiration
What : Himself, ootds, night outs
Why : You can never go wrong with his ootds

6. eff.ulloa


Who : Mens fashion blogger
What : Random things, fashion, himself
Why : You will definitely love the aesthetics of his feed

7. johanneshuebl


Who : Handsome image model
What : Places, black and white photos, with wife snaps
Why : Learn how to dress like a man

8. justusf_hansen


Who : Fashion model
What : Himself in various outfits
Why : You will learn about trendy fashion

9. sandro


Who : Fashion, fitness and lifestyle blogger
What : Himself in different places
Why : He will give you a taste of the modern man


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