Best Instagram Accounts For Men or 9 Not So Obvious Instagram Accounts To Follow In 2016

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Best Instagram Accounts For Men or 9 Not So Obvious Instagram Accounts To Follow In 2016

Instagram reflects who we are like no else social media platform. We show off and watch others doing the same. Looking at other people’s life is fascinating, exciting and sometimes overwhelming. Looks, outfits, brands, products are all over the place so it’s hard to maintain the desired level of quality of your Instagram feed. But there is more in Instagram than this. I don’t think Instagram is the best place to carry a message but it is definitely a good place to carry you over to somewhere else.

I collected 9 amazing Instagram accounts for men that are definitely worth visiting. They are not extremely popular but I truly believe they are very high-quality. These guys have something to offer to you. Inspiration at least, which is great in itself.

1. liveranilorenzo

liveranilorenzo | Woodnax

Who: Handsome loner traveling all over the world
What: Himself, places, a bit of cars and food
Why: It's hard to imagine a reason why you wouldn't like to be him in one way or another

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2. thepacman82

thepacman82 | Woodnax

Who: Gorgeous casual outfits influencer
What: Outfits, sets, no face ever
Why: Get inspiration for your everyday look

3. iamrenanpacheco

iamrenanpacheco | Woodnax

Who: Imagine an iconic French actor
What: Himself, sights, Paris
Why: To feel Paris

4. amadeoleandro

amadeoleandro | Woodnax

Who: Super handsome and cute Brazilian model
What: Selfies, body, food, work and everyday life
Why: To see what it's like to be a male model


5. matthewzorpas

matthewzorpas | Woodnax

Who: New York based fashion blogger and consultant
What: Shootings, leisure, places and a bit of glamour
Why: To feel the life of glamour and luxury

6. jislainduval

jislainduval | Woodnax

Who: Canadian male model with a killer smile
What: Life, work, shootings
Why: Looks like an ideal Englishman to me for some reason (and I adore England)

7. and_death

and_death | Woodnax

Who: Tokyo based vintage clothes addict (Absolutely unbelievable!)
What: Looks, people, things. All with perfect and unique style
Why: Completely  mind-blowing. You'll change your view on how to look forever.

8. jimmylaunay

jimmylaunay | Woodnax

Who: Impudent and tossy Frenchman in England
What: Selfies, shootings and everyday life
Why: Young, provoking and rebellious (You didn't forget what it is, right?)

9. isaaclikes

isaaclikes_ | Woodnax

Who: Modern New York intellectual
What: Unhurried lifestyle with his girlfriend, food and sights
Why: To sink into bohemian lifestyle


To my mind these are great examples of best Instagram accounts for men to follow this year. They all are fresh, trendy and interesting. If you still look for some more inspiration, let me introduce you two more of my favorites IG accounts ever.

Bonus content

10. mydaywithleo

mydaywithleo | Woodnax

Who: Satirical photographer replacing heads of regular people with the heads of superstars
Why: Absolutely astonishing! You wouldn’t take your eyes out of his works.


jamesfrancotv | Woodnax

Who: James Franco, great actor, film director and musician (Check out his band’s latest album here)
Why: He does very, very cool stuff.

That's it for now. Let me know what you think leaving a comment below. Optionally share or tweet this post to show me that it was useful.



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