7 Reasons to Purchase a Wooden Watch

7 Reasons to Purchase a Wooden Watch

7 Reasons to Purchase a Wooden Watch

7 Reasons to Purchase a Wooden Watch

Are you in the market for a new watch? We're giving you 7 reasons why you should purchase a wooden watch as your next timepiece. Click here for more.

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In a digital world dominated by smartphones and wearable devices, buying a watch may seem like an awkward decision. 

But, in terms of status symbol and the desire to belong to a "high class" traditional watches remain the go-to accessory.

Watches signify style, elegance, and class. Those who wear them command more respect, look stylish and are perceived to be more punctual.

Since they signify class, the type of watch you wear speaks a lot about you. Metal and plastic watches are the mainstream and have been around for quite some time.

However, watches made from wood are making a comeback, and have made quite an impression.  

A wooden timepiece not only looks incredibly stylish on your wrist but also becomes the centerpiece of attention no matter where you go. So if you've been rocking with the same Titan you bought 10 years ago, perhaps it's time to switch to a wooden timepiece.  

Here are the 7 reasons why you should consider buying a wooden watch, even if you are not a fan of watches.  

1. They Are Super Fashionable

Wearing a wooden watch gives you a lasting impression; something that so many people want to have to make a statement or stand out from the crowd.

It not only becomes the center for discussion but also draws all the attention to you. Not just because of its uniqueness, but the craftsmanship that every person wants to touch.

Whether you prefer to remain casual or formal in office attire, a wood watch with the right finish and the right color tone can perfect any outfit. 

Wood has an awe-inspiring color and texture and wood watches can be worn anywhere irrespective of the weather or occasion. Be it on the beach, out in a bar, or in an office; Such a watch will give you the classy touch you deserve.

They also come in a broad range of colors so you can always choose the right color for your skin tone.

2. They Are Hypoallergenic

Many people are allergic to metals, yet they are unaware of it. Others don't discover it until the problem becomes acute. 

Metal allergies can be very frustrating as they cause skin irritation and to some extent even discolor the skin. 

Often, people with metal allergies can't wear even a small pendant with traces of metals due to the histamine reactions in their skin cells. However, with a watch made from wood, such allergies will never concern you again.

If you're having problems with metal against your skin, switching to wood could be your best alternative. 

And since wood watches are for everyone, they break the gender barrier so both men and women can have a timepiece of a lifetime without worrying about incidences of allergic reactions.

3. They Are Eco-friendly

Compared to metals and plastic, wood is a renewable resource. This means that its availability is not limited as it grows naturally around the globe.

Wood watches can be made from hardwood, softwood, or bamboo depending on your wood choice. 

However, for many reasons, bamboo is the most preferred for making watches. It's stronger, grows fast, and produces lower carbon footprint compared to other types of woods.

In addition to its eco-friendly features, wood requires less energy to process products from it. On the other hand, metal energy requirements are high and so is the use of machines which end up polluting the environment.

4. A Wooden Watch Is Unique and Rare to Find

How many people have you seen of late wearing a wooden watch? Probably few, if you are lucky.

And that's the beauty of wooden watches. In this era of digital revolution where you can easily buy copycat products online, no one wants something that will make them look like they are in uniform.

With a rare product like a wooden timepiece on your wrist, you'll get used to phrases like, "classy watch," "Wow! It looks like wood.." "cool..it's actually wood" and that when you'll learn you've set a new standard for fashion.

5. The Older It Gets, the More Beautiful It Becomes

One of the ruling advantages of watches made from wood is that their luster does not fade with time. Unlike a metallic watch that tends to rust or lose the coating, watches made from wood becomes more attractive.

The quality of natural wood improves with time. When aging, its texture is enriched while its color is enhanced.

Also, when you wear your watch, the natural oils from your skin blends with the wood treating it and causing it to last longer. This is the same case with furniture as it also has to be treated with certain types of oil to make it last longer.

So by wearing your watch, you are actually treating it naturally and taking care of it. 

6. They Are for Everyone

Wooden watches are not gender specific nor are they class specific. 

So whether you are James Bond looking for the perfect watch to impress your audience or a pop star wannabe looking for the most "swaggerific" watch, a wooden timepiece will do the trick. 

And the price tells it all. You can get a wooden watch from as little as $100 all the way to a staggering $5,000 price tag for the high-end models.

7. They Are Durable and Lightweight

Metal watches tend to be surprisingly heavy. If you constantly do writing or typing work, the extra weight on your wrist can add unnecessary strain on your joints. However, wood watches are very light and comfortable.

Wood is probably one of the lightest materials on earth, and its durability is not questionable. Since it's very light, you'll realize it's more comfortable to wear than metal or plastic watches.


If you are looking into buying a unique present for a loved one, a wooden watch should be on top of the list. 

Since they are rare and unique, no one may ask for them. But everyone will be thrilled by their allure.

Wooden watches have become one of the fastest growing trends in the natural fashion so buying one for yourself or a loved one is a solid investment. 

Are you bold enough to wear a wooden watch? Share with us in the comments section below! 




















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