7 Underwear Questions You’re Embarrassed To Ask | Common Questions About Men’s Briefs

Let’s face it.

Most men have been wearing the same style of underwear since high school.



Don’t care to change?

Too embarrassed to ask?

It’s not exactly the cool topic to bring up at poker night with the guys.

Most guys might have questions about switching, but don’t feel comfortable talking about it.

This article is for you.

Underwear is the most worn item of clothing in your wardrobe.

It should be discussed. That’s what I’m here for.

Once armed with a little knowledge perhaps you’ll consider upgrading from the high school boxers to something more comfortable, functional, and durable.

This article is going to cover 7 underwear questions you may have wanted to ask, but haven’t.

Question #1 – What’s The Best Underwear Style?

7 Underwear Questions You’re Embarrassed To Ask

The most common styles are briefs, boxers, boxer briefs and thongs.

My personal favorite is the boxer brief.

The boxer brief, as the name indicates, is a combination of the brief and boxer underwear and offer the best of both worlds.

Boxer briefs provide great support and coverage and are the perfect choice to wear under any item of outer garment. This style of underwear is the best choice for athletic and physical activities.

Your choice of underwear should be contingent on your lifestyle and the type of pants that you wear (briefs are suitable for tight pants, boxers for loose-fitting trousers).

Question #2 – How Often Should You Wash Your Underwear?

7 Underwear Questions You’re Embarrassed To Ask

Simple answer – when it’s dirty. 

During physical activity or a strenuous gym session, your underwear bears the brunt of your sweat. The easiest system is to change after a heavy session of perspiring activity or once daily.

Sweaty underwear is not attractive or comfortable. Don’t even think about subjecting them to a sniff test to check if they smell. Practice good hygiene and wash your underpants after each wear.

Question #3 – How Many Pairs Of Underwear Should A Man Own?


7 Underwear Questions You’re Embarrassed To Ask

A sensible approach is to have a 3 week supply of around 20 pairs of underwear. Having more presents closet-space issues and will prove to be an expensive proposition.

You need at least 14 pairs if you launder your clothes once a week. A pair for each day of the week and backups for exercise or travel.

If you indulge in frequent physical activity, consider purchasing a few extra pairs.

Question #4 – What’s The Best Fabric For Underwear?

7 Underwear Questions You’re Embarrassed To Ask

One of the more challenging aspects of purchasing underwear is selecting the best fabric choice.

Men’s underwear is available in a variety of fabrics, including nylon, cotton, modal, silk, Spandex, and Lycra.

Purchasing the right fabric comes down to your specific taste and what you will be doing while wearing them.

Your underwear needs to breathe and stretch. 

Quality underwear provides ample ventilation. The fabric won’t warp easily, ensuring a comfortable fit for many months, if not years.

Cotton and modal are the most common choices.

  • Cotton – A tried and tested fabric that provides breathability for long durations. One of the most common fabrics for underwear, its properties are complemented with a mix of elastic, allowing it to stretch and provide more comfort.
    Cotton underwear is the least expensive. Watch out for mildew that forms on cotton if tossed in a corner while still wet from sweat.
  • Modal – Made from a semi-synthetic cellulose fiber, modal is manufactured by spinning cellulose from beech trees. The fabric absorbs 50% more moisture than cotton. You can be rough with it. Durable over time.

Woolens and thermals  are suitable for colder climates, while cotton is preferable for warm climates. Spandex is the best choice for underwear for exercise or physical activity over a long period of time.

Question #5 – When Should A Man Throw Away His Underwear?

7 Underwear Questions You’re Embarrassed To Ask

Don’t hold on to your underwear until they shred in the washing machine. As a rule of thumb, men should replace their underwear at least once a year. Start by disposing of all the faded, jaded and saggy underwear in your wardrobe.

This is an item of clothing you should never donate. 

Any underwear that has visible holes and/or stains has got to go. When the band loses elasticity, relegate the underwear to the bin. When it no longer fits due toweight loss or gain, don’t hold on to the hope that you will return to your original body shape. 

The waistband is susceptible to holes because this part of the underwear is attached separately, after the bottom half is constructed.

A waistband with a double or triple stitch is preferred. Look for reinforced stitching, it significantly extends the life of your underwear.

Question #6 – Should I Consider Specialty Underwear?

7 Underwear Questions You’re Embarrassed To Ask

If you have a body issue you want to fix with underwear or need novelty underwear for a special occasion, look on the web for options.

The options for specialty underwear include:

  • Compression
  • Butt enhancers
  • Package separators

Women find a man’s glutes to be the second sexiest part of his body. If yours needs a lift, wear underwear that provides support to make your glutes look fuller.

Performance underwear provides support for your private parts during demanding athletic exercise.

Question #7 – Is Going Commando Fun?

7 Underwear Questions You’re Embarrassed To Ask

Going commando (wearing pants without underwear) is your choice.

I personally don’t like the feel or taking that risk. Wearing underwear prevents your private parts from rubbing against the heavier fabric of your trousers and in some cases, the metal parts of the zipper.

Underwear protects your package and prevents stains on your more expensive clothing. Wearing underwear decreases the amount of time needed to spend cleaning your trousers. It’s a lot simpler to toss the underwear into a wash cycle than a long pair of trousers.

Bonus Question #1 – What’s The Best Color For Underwear?

7 Underwear Questions You’re Embarrassed To Ask

When you find a pair that works for your lifestyle, body shape and wardrobe, buy several of the same underwear in different colors.

Basic, solid colors like black, white, gray, blue and red are great color choices.

If you’re wearing white pants, it’s not a wise idea to wear black underwear. The outline of the dark underwear will be clearly visible under the lighter colored trousers.

Bonus Question #2 – How Do I Prevent Jock Itch?

Jock itch is the combination of moisture collection, skin rubbing, and a possible bacterial infection from failing to maintain cleanliness in a particular area. 

7 Underwear Questions You’re Embarrassed To Ask

Follow these best practices:

  • Avoid tight underwear. Avoid wearing underwear that rubs your crotch.
  • Wear sweat-wicking underwear. Choose underwear that wicks away the moisture so it isn’t settling into your skin.
  • Wear specialty underwear that prevents rubbing. Opt for a specialty underwear that helps keep your package separate from your body to prevent excessive rubbing.
  • Wash your underwear frequently. Wash your underwear after every wear.

It’s amazing how a simple addition such as a new pair of underwear can make you feel more confident about your clothes. Quality underwear is the one item of your wardrobe that can make or break your comfort.

Stop purchasing the multi-pack from your department store and start wearing premium brands to see the difference for yourself.

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