3 Masculine Ways To Wear Scarves

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3 Masculine Ways To Wear Scarves

The scarf.

For many men this functional accessory has a feminine connotation to it.

This makes NO SENSE at all.

A scarf is functional (it protects your neck from cold and wind) and attractive (it can add color to an otherwise drab outfit).

Over the centuries, scarves have been worn to denote military rank, a sweat cloth knotted around the neck in warm climates, and to protect the neck from chafing (aircraft pilots and warriors with armor).

Feminine?  I think not :)

So now the questions is – what are the MOST MANLY ways to wear a scarf?

In today’s article I give you my favorite three and we also link you to eight additional ways to wear a scarf this winter season.

3 Masculine Ways To Wear Scarves

First things first…

A scarf is not a tie – it must never feel tight or stifling around the neck.

The length, width and material of the scarf will all affect the knot.

These 3 ways to wear a scarf will ensure that you are warm, the scarf won’t come undone and you will look stylish.

Manly Scarf Knot #1 – Parisian Knot 



When you step into a coffee shop or a restaurant, you need a technique to tie your scarf that is no-fuss, quick and simple to execute.

The Parisian knot is easy to tie and can be removed in seconds. It is also highly insulating and works best with a wool scarf that’s at least 70 inches long.

3 Masculine Ways To Wear Scarves



1.Fold the scarf in half.


2.Holding the loop end in one hand and the two loose ends in the other.

3.Slip the scarf over your head, wrapping it around your neck.

4.Thread the loose ends through the loop and pull to secure the knot.

This knot is so simple you could probably do with one hand while holding a baguette and coffee in the other.

Tres chic.

3 Masculine Ways To Wear Scarves


Manly Scarf Knot #2 – Reverse Drape Tuck

For full protection to your throat against the cold, go with reverse drape tuck knot.

It is one of the rarer knots used to tie a scarf so you’ll look like a pro using it!.
This technique ensures that your scarf stays secure and won’t come undone when you’re out for a walk in cold weather.
Long and wide scarves are ideal – preferably longer than 70 inches and atlas a 12-inch width.
3 Masculine Ways To Wear Scarves
1.Wrap the scarf around your neck with the right end longer than the left.

2.Loop the longer end around your neck and out to the front.

3.Take the shorter end and pull it under the loop.

4.Repeat with the other end, securing it under the loop.

5.Pull both the ends and adjust the loop to offer maximum protection to your neck.
3 Masculine Ways To Wear Scarves

Manly Scarf Knot #3  – Four In Hand Knot

For an extended encounter with the outdoors, fasten your scarf with a sturdy and complex knot – the four in hand.

Not to be confused with the necktie knot with the same name, the four in hand scarf technique was popularized by English coachmen who tied their scarves with one hand while holding the reins to four horses in the other hand.

3 Masculine Ways To Wear Scarves

This technique starts out like the Parisian knot.

1.Begin by folding the scarf in half.

2.Place the middle of the folded scarf against the back of your neck with the two ends and the loop resting against your chest.

3.Pull one of the ends through the loop.

4.Twist the loop and pull the other end through the twisted loop.

The intertwining knot offers a thick covering around the throat and chest.

It is not my recommendation that you try this technique with a scarf in one hand while the other hand steers your car.

 3 Masculine Ways To Wear Scarves




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